How to Start a Copyright Dispute?

Sometimes copyright free songs have an incorrect copyright claim. Following the guidelines below you can find out how to start a dispute to remove this claim and monetize your video.

1) Find the video that include the copyrighted content.

2) Click on "File a dispute"

3) Choose the marked option and click on "Continue" button.

4) Check the marked option and click on "Continue" button.

5) Find the free song licence at the description of video, copy/paste it in the textarea entitled "Please explain briefly". (Make sure you copy the links completely.) Then check the marked options and type your full name. And click "Continue" button.

6) After this step you have to wait for the answer.

IMPORTANT: There is no copyright infringement intended for the songs or pictures in this website. If you have any problem these songs or pictures please contact us via this form. Once we have received your message and verified that you are the owner of the related content we will remove it immediately.